Factory compliance

Factory Compliance Services are essential for manufacturing businesses to ensure they adhere to the relevant laws, regulations, and safety standards that govern operations. These services encompass a wide range of compliance aspects, including occupational health & safety, environmental regulations, labour laws and quality management. BRIVAS specializes in coordinating with various government bodies to provide statutory compliance certification for factories and alert top management on any changes in the legislation for timely actions.

BRIVAS also offers Industrial License Services to help businesses in obtaining, managing, and maintaining the mandatory licenses and permits required to operate in the industrial sector. These services ensure that companies comply with the complex regulatory framework governing their industry, thus avoiding potential legal issues and disruptions to their operations. Other services include industrial and environmental laws compliance, trade licenses, signage licenses, panchayat NOCs, FSSAI compliance, Legal Meteorology Certifications etc. The comprehensive solutions suite spans the following:

  • Acquire, modify and renew Factory Licenses, Topography Plans and Registration Certificates
  • Contract Audit
  • Prepare and update Statutory Registers
  • Prepare and submit Statutory Returns and Notices
  • Display relevant Statutory Abstracts and Notices
  • Remit statutory payments
  • Provide assistance for accident-related compliance
  • Coordinate liaison support for inspections
  • Consult on the formation of Statutory Committees
  • Offer compliance support for Principal Employers as per the scope