Labour Law Compliance Services

Regulatory Updates: Compliance service providers keep organizations informed about changes in labour laws and regulations at the local, state and national levels. This helps organizations stay up to date with evolving legal requirements.

Policy and Procedure Development: This includes assisting in developing and updating policies and procedures to ensure compliance with labour laws. This enables organizations establish guidelines for areas such as employee classification, wage & hour regulations, anti-discrimination practices and workplace safety.

Compliance Training: Compliance services may include training programs for employees and managers to educate them about labour laws, employee rights and responsibilities. These training sessions aim to promote awareness and understanding of compliance obligations within the organization.

Compliance Audits and Assessments: BRIVAS conducts audits or assessments of an organization's employment practices to identify areas of non-compliance. The process involves review of HR policies, records and practices to ensure adherence to labour laws and regulations.

Employee Handbook Development: Compliance services may involve developing or updating employee handbooks to reflect current labour laws and regulations. These handbooks outline the organization's policies, procedures, and employee rights.

Ongoing Support and Consultation: BRIVAS offers ongoing support and consultation to address specific compliance concerns or answer legal questions related to labour laws. It also includes guidance on complex employment issues or regulatory changes.